Schloss Leopoldskron – English Edition

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Past and Present of Salzburg Global Seminar

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Past and Present of Salzburg Global Seminar


In the almost three centuries of its existence, Schloss Leopoldskron has had an eventful and unique history. It served as a private residence for an autocratic prince-archbishop; as a failed hunting lodge and spa; as a center of the European art and theater scene as well as a stage for the presentation of a fascist regime. It was a bombed-out, dilapidated shadow of its former glory, but since 1947 it has been a place of international dialogue, dabate, reconciliation and openness. For 75 years, Schloss Leopoldskron has been the anchor of the Salzburg Global Seminar. And this small but globally oriented non-profit organization is now embarking on another era, reweaving present and future with history in exciting and inspiring ways.